Rakhi Sawant Breaking the Silence on Domestic Abuse


The relationship between Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani has taken a catastrophic turn, with Rakhi filing a FIR against Adil and subsequently leading to his arrest by the police.

The couple's animosity was brought to light as Rakhi and her brother Rakesh bravely spoke out against Adil's violent behavior towards Rakhi, providing concrete evidence through photographs, medical reports and their own testimony.

Rakhi Sawant Injuries
Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant spoke out in the media, saying, "He wanted to meet me for just two minutes, but when I refused, he came this morning to beat me. I complained to the police, and now he's been called here. Mending a relationship can't be done through just feeding someone."

Rakesh Sawant and Wahid also spoke to the media, exhibiting bruises on their hands, and showing a photo of Rakhi with bruises near her neck. They emphasized that the injuries may appear minor but the situation is far more severe.

These events have shocked and disturbed many, as it highlights the prevalent issue of domestic violence. The case serves as a reminder that domestic violence can happen to anyone and should not be taken lightly.

Those who experience such violence should feel empowered to come forward and report it to the authorities, as it is the only way to hold perpetrators accountable and create a safer world for everyone.

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