The Return of the Famous Trio: Suniel Shetty on Hera Pheri 3


Suniel Shetty recently took to LinkedIn to express his joy over the official announcement of the much-awaited third installment of the Hera Pheri franchise. The upcoming movie, Hera Pheri 3, will feature the return of the iconic trio of Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, and Paresh Rawal as Raju, Ghanshyam/Shyam, and Baburao Ganpatrao Apte, respectively.

Hera Pher 3 , Suniel shetty , akshay kumar and Paresh Rawal
Hera Pheri 3

Hera Pheri 3

In his LinkedIn blog post, Suniel Shetty wrote, "So Hera Pheri 3 is finally happening! Look forward to being back on set with Pareshji and Akki (Akshay). Like all good things, this one took some time, but it’s a relief to finally have an answer to this question!" He expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of the film, which holds a special place in his heart.

As a veteran of the film industry with over 125 films under his belt, Shetty shared his insights on the complexities of the filmmaking process. He emphasized that creating a good script, assembling a talented cast and crew, and finding a capable director are just the beginning. The financing of a film is also crucial and is usually the responsibility of studios or production houses. Their teams assess the viability of a project before deciding on the budget.

Suniel Shetty is thrilled to be part of the highly anticipated Hera Pheri 3. As a seasoned actor with decades of experience, he understands the challenges and rewards of making a film. Shetty's insights into the complexities of the film industry offer a fascinating glimpse into the art of filmmaking. Fans of the Hera Pheri franchise can look forward to seeing their favorite trio back in action and experience the magic of the movies once again.

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